Up and Up

I wanted to take a quick second just to say thank you for coming back to see this post!

It’s always been a weird thing for me to imagine walking by a tall cat tree only to have those little claws swat your head! (Is it honestly just me?) Despite the weird fear, we recently bought Sadie and Widow, my cats I mentioned previously, a tall cat tree! We have multiple shorter trees, so i didn’t think this was a huge deal. I have never been so wrong in my life. As soon as we got the tree settled in, our girls couldn’t wait to climb it! In fact, there was a solid thirty minute window that Widow just climbed up and down the back post. LOL!


I even tried a little bit of “Hide-N-seek”, but unfortunately this is the look I received…



Love Always, 
Shell Sea 


A Tribute to My Best Friend

They say the only constant
is change.
But you never changed,
and you’ve been the only constant.
I’ll never forget the first time I saw you..
Oh, how small your body was;
how young your body was.
We watched you grow for six WHOLE weeks!!
I remember seeing your eyes open for the very first time,
and I remember watching you grow.
My, oh my
I’ll never forget the day we brought you home.
I recall how perfectly you fit
just inside my six year old hands.
You showed my heart the true meaning of
Unconditional Love.
You remind my heart to love always, be kind always, and eat always.
In the moments that no human could give me love,
I always found yours.
This. This is a tribute to my best friend.
This is the thanks I’ll never be able to say.
This is for all the years of sharing my plate of food.
This is for all the years of play time.
This is a special thank-you for all the onesies you wore
(Without aggression, might I add)
This is my special thank you for how excited you still get when I walk through the door.
Because, lord knows, no human has ever been that excited to see me.
Thank you for being the little brother I was never given.
Thank you for the one of a kind relationship you have given me.
And, if for some reason, the universe separates us in this life,
I will await the day I see you at the rainbow bridge
to collect the piece of my heart you have taken.
A pup’s love is a special love,
and Noah, I will cherish you always.
So, after sixteen years,
here’s a simple
I love you