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My name is Chelsea. I am a Virtual Assistant(see VA tab), and I am located in Knoxville, Tennessee. Having an incarcerated loved one(ILO), I created a blog to offer support for those similar to myself. I’m twenty three now, and it’s been almost ten years since the initial arrest. I am much, much more than my hardship, but at 14 years old I would have loved a community. Yes, I’m also aware “there are support groups for that”, but at no point did I wish to go into public to advertise what I was going through! Thus, sparking the fire in me to create an online community for those facing the same situation. My goal is to create a safe space for this community to support one another in our adversities.

I love writing, painting and cooking so I’ll be including a few creations along the way! Grab a snack and look around.